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   Margrit and the cats

  The ditch at the western


   Mild February

   Walk to the mailbox 1

   Walk to the mailbox 2

   Early birds

  One of those rose bushes

   A staring contest

   Exercising the geese

  Ditch cleanout in the pre-
  industrial style

  We would prefer them
  trees alive


  Margrit goes on a wild
  goose chase

  Susan had a little lamb

  Lambs in the Afternoon

  Spring Planting 1_1

  Spring Planting 1_2

  Spring Planting 2

  How to Make Rain

  Esteemed Guests

  Lakeside Reeds

  Mammie & Bambi

  Island Fortification 1

  Island Fortification 2

  Fatten for Winter


  Let it snow!


  Violet Spring

  new kitten


  Dally outdoors