Wolfgang und Margrit Wiebach offer:      Slide Shows for Watching ¹ or Downloading - optimized for LCD monitors and with commentary in English.

  Cactus and Canyons
  April 73

   Come with Me
   to Tahiti

One Norwegian Fjord
and one Swiss Valley
   June 1975

A Glimps of South America and a Good Look at the Galapagos Islands   Dec.74

Our Last Trip to Switzerland

  Maine and
Acadia Natl.Park

      A Few
   Alaska Highlights
    July 83

 From the North Sea
   to the
 French Riviera

Our Memories of
Beautiful California
1975-95   Part 1

    CA Part 2

    CA Part 3

    Matthias' Visit
    May 2015

  You Light My Life

  I Get A Kick
      Out Of You

  Margrit Explores

  Up and down
 the Canadian Rockies

 Great and Lovely

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